Giant Manufacturing has pioneered the greatest developments in carbon composite manufacturing since the eighties. That makes Giant the most experienced, longest standing composite manufacturer in the bike business. All our composite materials are formed on site at Giant's own Composite Tech Laboratory where each frame begins as strands on spools of the finest, aerospace grade T-700 carbon fiber. No tubes or individually manufactured "pieces" are ever supplied from outside sources; all Giant composite frames and forks are manufactured and assembled entirely from scratch by our team of world class engineers.
Lug technology is old and outdated. Lugs add weight and increase the likelihood of stress cracks at the joints.

Our single air bladder construction forms a one-piece front triangle without using lugs. Giant engineers avoid using lugs by joining chain and seat stays (to the front triangle) using composite layers or "wrapping" at the joints. The result is a sexier looking frame that is lighter, stronger, and much more enjoyable to ride.

Our composites are designed and engineered for speed and comfort. Who wants a stiff bike if it's no fun to ride? That's why Giant uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to build the precise amount of compliance into each composite frame without compromising its ability to retain lateral stiffness and rigidity. This ensures our frames to be stiff but not too stiff.

The result is a bicycle that is enjoyable to ride with no loss in acceleration speed.

Giant's team of engineers and designers are among the world's foremost authorities on composite manufacturing. Our enjoy-ability philosophy of design combined with our passion for racing, innovation and progression keep Giant's composite scientists and our race teams pushing the capabilities of modern composite manufacturing. Like Jalabert and Beloki who've come before them, Zabel, Vinokourov, Ullrich and the rest of T-Mobile play instrumental roles in our composite R&D. No where in the world will you find a more exacting R&D team.
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