Zipp stopped manufacturing the Zipp frame at the end of 1997. We do not have any frames available for sale. However, we do still support the frames still on the market. The 7 year warranty is still in effect from the date of original purchase. On this page and following pages you will find the information about the frames that we made from 1992 to 1997.

The ZIPP 3001
Because you deserve it -That's the reason for this exclusive, 1997 3001 Limited Edition frameset with all the best features of our previous generations of ZIPP frames. The legendary aerodynamics. The accommodating geometry. The unbelievable stiffness, acceleration, and speed. Top that with a sharp red-to-black fade paint job and a new ZIPP carbon fork, and you've got the best ZIPP yet.

In 1990, ZIPP introduced the first carbon "beam bike" and caused quite a stir within the cycling industry. Sure, it was odd-looking. But seven years, several copycats, and 3 world records later, we're still here and better than ever. The Limited Edition ZIPP frame for 1997 further demonstrates our commitment to advancements in materials and aerodynamics, as well as our desire to make the best carbon bike frame you can buy.

Only 100 of these frames will be made, so when you make yourself part of this very exclusive group, you will receive a precision laser-cut stainless steel owner's certificate. It will be personalized with your name and Limited Edition bike frame number to commemorate your decision to ride the most distinctive high-performance racing machine you can get your hands on.

The strength, stiffness, and weight of a frame depends on the type of carbon fiber used and its unique laminating process. There are a lot of good carbon fiber bike frames out there, but ZIPP is the only manufacturer able to use a combination of medium and high modulus graphite in the construction. Each of the 77 precision die-cut pieces of graphite fabric are meticulously laminated by hand, ensuring quality, performance, and consistency. This makes the 3001 Limited Edition frame unmatched in strength and stiffness.


  • Combination of 43-million-modulus and 57-million-modulus graphite
  • Adjustable suspension in the beam
  • 2 wheel-size options: 26" or 700c
  • Proprietary foam and honeycomb core configuration
  • Specially designed carbon fork (450g)
  • American Classic sealed-bearing GIS headset (97.5 g)
  • Exceptionally powerful front and rear ZIPP carbon brakes (200 g)
  • Serious, unadulterated performance. Does a hundred--standing still!
  • 7 year or 70,000 mile warranty.

The ZIPP 2001
After years of faithful service and having been in production since 1992, the ZIPP 2001 has been discontinued. There are literally thousands of these bikes on the road participating in races all over the world, carrying their owners to significant victories in age group and Pro/Am competitions. The ZIPP 3001 has replaced the 2001, based on the reception that the 3001 received upon its original release in 1996. In 1997, the exclusivity of ZIPP ownership goes one step further, as you have read in the ZIPP 3001 section above. ZIPP will continue to stand behind their warranty of the ZIPP 2001 of 7 years or 70,000 miles and of course, we'll continue to service the product and do everything we can to keep current ZIPP 2001 owners happy and fast at every race they compete in.

Proven Performance
The ZIPP 3001 is the proven performer for those seeking to elevate their cycling experience. For years, the 3001 has been the standard of excellence for cyclists serious about speed. With several new refinements, the 3001 continues to be at the cutting edge of bicycle aerodynamics and carbon fiber technology.

ZIPP products are an unusual combination of old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. In a cycling industry where mass production often leads to sacrifices in overall quality, ZIPP goodies are hand-crafted one-by-one.

Our manufacturing process utilizes tools and technology that have been conceived and created internally, making each product category totally unique. Every ZIPP frame is made up of 130 individual components including 77 precision die cut pieces of carbon fiber. The pieces are then laminated into a custom-built carbon tool for the final curing cycle.

This proprietary process and the handcrafting take a significant amount of time and labor, which increases costs. Our goal at ZIPP is not to build the cheapest carbon product in the marketplace. We just want to build the best.

The ZIPP 3001 still delivers such unique features as adjustable suspension, an accommodating geometry, a bottom bracket that is 20% stiffer than conventional bikes, and two wheel-size options. Further refinements for 1997 include a core with a combined foam and honeycomb configuration for greater stiffness with less weight and TeflonŽ cable routing with DelrinŽ liners. Vertical dropouts have also been added.

ZIPP Carbon Fork
Unique, tapered leg, carbon fork with carbon crown maximizes all the positive attributes of carbon. The deep reinforced crown puts strength and stiffness where you need it most.

Great looks. Great Performance.

Thread length 60mm
Cromoly 1 inch steel steerer tube
Black crown - Clear carbon blades
Available in 26" and 700c fork blade lengths

Sizing chart for the ZIPP Carbon Fork
Blade Length Steerer Length Weight Offset
700C 175 mm 475 g 43 mm
700C 190 mm* 490 g 43 mm
26" 180 mm* 455 g 40 mm
26" 220 mm* 475 g 40 mm
* lengths required to fit ZIPP frames